NOA Color Collection

This essential resource from Japan is a must-have tool for all markets, the standard favorite for merchandisers, designers, and retailers. The top choice for providing innovative and trending color direction each season available in skeins or poly swatches, plus NOA Beige Collection and NOA Gray Collection, palettes of 105 skeins in seasonless beiges and timeless grays.

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Introducing NOA Color Cloth Collection

An exciting new addition to the NOA lineup of color tools, the Color Cloth Collection presents all of NOAs seasonal colors in printed polyester swatches. This option is ideal in tandem with the Color Collection to provide a preferred medium for technical and production teams, or as a stand-alone color tool.

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One of the first—and one of the best, Trendzoom’s mission is to drive inspiration—not repetition—and keep creative ahead of the fashion curve. A total-package online forecasting service, Trendzoom provides in-depth presentations of the major styling themes backed up by research and design sources, complete color palettes and design flats and sketches for women’s, men’s, youth and accessories. Seasonal market reports provide insightful and in-depth analysis of fashion direction with catwalk, street and retail coverage; trend information on key categories such as swim, denim and print/graphic design, plus quick-response concept reports spotlighting emerging microtrends.

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NCS: Natural Color System

NCS Natural Color System is a professional tool for precise color specification and control. This logical system is easy to understand and simple to use when color matters and accuracy counts. The 1,950 colors are made with environmentally approved (lead and cadmium-free) pigments with the highest light fastness, and produced as a paint layer on quality stock paper. Developed and created for manufacturers, designers, architects, the scientific industry and all who work with color.

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