Sharon Gray, principal of Fashikon, has extensive international experience in the design world. A native of California, she studied at the Art Institute in San Francisco, and got her start in commercial trade while living on the tiny Spanish island of Formentera.

On a trip to Tangier, she fell in love with the bazaar and began buying kaftans, jewelry, textiles and clothing to sell in a Dutch boutique on nearby Ibiza.

She spent the next decade traveling, buying and trading in bazaars in India, Spain, Afghanistan, Nepal and Morocco and exporting soft goods collections for the home markets and clothing to England, Switzerland and the U.S.

Her daughters were born along the way: Maria in Formentera, and Nandini in Almora, India. After a stint back in San Francisco, she landed in Paris, where she carved out a niche as a design and marketing consultant, traveling to all the major European fashion cities while attending the most important trade shows in Paris.

She worked with clients including Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s and I. Magnin and designers including Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Fèraud, and was instrumental in importing the post-modern architecture section of the 1980 Venice Biennale to San Francisco.

Most recently, she has built Fashikon into a one-stop shop for fashion and design forecasting services. Turning her discerning eye to bringing the best international trend guides, color forecasts and fashion information to the New York and American markets, she offers valuable tools for virtually anyone in the creative fashion and retail fields.