NOA Color Cloth Collection Swatches

If you’ve purchased the NOA Color Cloth Fan-Deck Collection, or the Color Cloth Tray Collection, you can order additional swatches here. Swatches are matte polyester, in two sizes, measuring 7.75 x 3 inches or 14 x 8 inches. Swatches may be ordered up to a three-year period (six seasons).

NOA swatches currently available to order:

S/S 2020 (20SS-001 ~ 210) until October 31st, 2021
A/W 2019 (19AW-001 ~ 19AW-210) until April 30th, 2021
S/S 2019 (19SS-001 ~ 19SS-210) until October 31st, 2020
A/W 2018 (18AW-001 ~ 18AW-210) until April 30th, 2020
S/S 2018 (18SS-001 ~ 18SS-210) until October 31st, 2019
A/W 2017 (17AW-001 ~ 17AW-210) until April 30th, 2019

S/S 2017 (17SS-001 ~ 17SS-210) until October 31st, 2018

Available Options:
IMPORTANT: Swatches must be ordered using our interactive PDF form. Save the blank Order Form to your computer and submit the form using Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. For all methods of payment you have only to submit the PDF form. If you have any questions regarding your skeins order, contact