NCS 1950 Original Collection - Album

An excellent illustration of the NCS System, loaded with re-fillable colour samples to work with – the NCS Album is truly the ultimate colour design tool for every professional designer.

The NCS Album gives you a complete and clear overview of the NCS system in combination with colour samples in A9 format which can be taken out and attached to drawings, mood boards, specifications etc. The NCS Album is divided into two parts; the first contains the grey colours and the hues from Y to R90B and the second part stretches from B to G90Y. All the 1950 NCS samples can be ordered separately as refills.

Sample format: 52 x 37 mm (A9) with 3 samples / pocket

NCS 1950 Original Collection – Atlas

A stunning illustration of the NCS System. With the colour samples arranged in accordance with the NCS system, the NCS Atlas is the perfect companion when you need to navigate quickly and smoothly in different colour areas.

The NCS Atlas includes pages for each hue (40 in total) illustrated in the NCS Colour Triangle, additional pages with greys and the NCS Colour Circle. It also presents the lightness and reflectance data for the 1950 NCS colours. The 200 new, light NCS colours are here clearly presented furthest up to the right on each hue page, in an enlarged section of the triangle. The Atlas comes with a stylish durable binder (size: 300 x 300 mm).

NCS 1950 Original Collection – Box

The ideal color library for studios where color judgements need larger samples that are ready to use in presentations, but can be replaced.

Contains one A6 sample (105 x 148 mm) for all 1950 NCS colours, indexed by Hue with Dividers and Color Mask.

NCS 1950 Original Collection – Index

All-in-one elegance with a practical overview of all the 1950 NCS colours.
NCS Index gives you an easy, practical overview of all the 1950 NCS colours. It combines an intuitive design and layout with a portable design to put NCS Colours at your fingertips in seconds. The unique design of the cover keeps the pages protected during site visits, client presentations, meetings…

The new NCS Index has a clear visual division into grey, yellow (hues G80Y – Y70R), red (Y80R – R70B), blue (R80B – B70G) and green (B80G – G70Y) and intermediate pages make it easy for you to find the colours you need from the 1950 NCS colours.

Sample formats: 20 x 50 mm / 26 x 50 mm

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